Saturday, March 05, 2011

Highlight * Survivor Country * Wow Philippines! * Caramoan, Bicol (March 2011)

Last year, a couple of friends and I visited Caramoan and stayed for 2 nights. During this visit, we spent a day and a half hopping on to the many different islands in the area and got a glimpse of the places where some of the episodes of the popular TV show Survivor was shot.

On the 2nd day, it was raining as we hopped onto Manlawe Island, which has a large sandbar. Several isolated huts including the one in the photo sit in the middle. The rain made us feel like we were actually a part of the Survivor show, haha!

Islands we visited:
- Matukad - where the Survivor scenes were shot, natural white sands
- Gota - where the only upscale resort in the area now sits, bigger island although the locals say some of the white sand had to be transported from Matukad
- Cotivas - white sands
- Manlawe - large sandbar
- Sabitang Laiya - great snorkeling here

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