Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wow Philippines! * Davao (November 2005)

My friend and I took a 3-day trip to the Pearl Farm Resort in Davao to take a breather from our everyday life. The past few months have been tough for both of us, each one with our own recent challenges in life. Hers was more career-related while mine was a heartbreak which sent me whirling down life without a direction and a purpose.

Traveling seems like the most popular option to do, either for healing, recovering, taking a break, forgetting, whatever... It takes you away from it all, and it gives you a different perspective, which is supposed to contribute to those objectives that you wish to reach. Well, it really does, takes your attention away from your problems, and to the new things you see, new experiences you are creating and to a future away from the past. That's what I love about traveling, because I am out to seek for a new place, a new experience, a new life, or even to find an answer. Bottom line, we go and find that feeling of being able to move forward through life with those new experiences.