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Kauia's Paradise: The Na Pali Coast

No words can describe exactly what Kauai's Na Pali Coast looks like!  No photos can capture it's true grandeur beauty!  That's how mysterious this place is!  How can one place be so magical?  I get goose bumps!  Is this paradise? Are we dreaming?

This is exactly what goes through my mind as nature reveals the more than 6000-acre stretch of mountains so uniquely represented by its razor-sharp jagged giant cliffs towering 4000 feet up high, right from the blue ocean water below.  Barely any flat shores where one can land on except for a few sea caves, this place can only be seen from the sea or air, and by the adventurous heart by foot.  Even an experienced hiker will need to thread the 11-mile (each way) goat trail over valleys after valleys from Ke'e Beach to Kalalau Beach, camp out and return the following day.

Rainbow to welcome our visit

Never seen a rainbow this clear and this close!
Never seen a rainbow this clear and this close!

Majority of the place is barely touched and that is one of the main reasons for its magic. As one website describes it, Na Pali Coast nourishes one's soul and replenishes one's spirit. It inspires with a sense of peace and serenity.

I could imagine a hermit or two living up there guarding the mountains and meditating to the Gods. After all, the rich volcanic land provides a great means for survival.

As we passed through the coast on our ship, our local Hawaiian ambassador said a little prayer to ask for blessings for a safe passage.

As we look closely, we notice tiny openings which are sea caves.  Rafts take visitors to see these sea caves but they are not always visible and accessible.  Several thin white vertical lines seem to appear towards the middle of the coast.  These turn out to be giant towering waterfalls.

Close up view of one of the waterfalls

The colors enveloping the mountains make it even more spectacular.  Instead of the usual brown and green, we see shades of red and mustard yellow, reflecting on the deep blue ocean water.  The mixes of color turns into a dream as rainbows, and even double rainbows, reveal themselves frequently ending on the mountains or on the ocean water like in the first few photos.

Double Rainbow!!
Razor-sharp jagged edges present a unique characteristic to these mountains
One of the beach landings off Napali Coast, also to the right of the beach looks like one of the sea cave openings
A blurry vision of one of the small islands and atolls north of Kauai (towards the middle right side of the photo), this is probably Nihao, rumored to be the birthplace of Hawaiian goddess Pele
A frigate seabird
We were so blessed to be able to see all these from the sea, and as reached the northernmost part of the coast, the ship made a 360-degree turn and made our way back.

View from the back of our ship as we bid the Napali Coast goodbye

Interesting smokey effect on water as our ship sails away, the movement creates wind that raises the water up to create that smokey effect
While we all enjoyed immensely the opportunity to see the Na Pali Coast with our own eyes, my only wish is for it to remain preserved in its natural state and retain its mystery and magic. 

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