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Getting Lost in Magical Kauai: Princeville, Hihimanu Twin Peaks, Anini Beach

As we approached mid day, we made our way from Anahola further up north.  We get a glimpse of the Hanalei Mountains and specifically Twin Peaks as Jay pointed out the perfect timing to take the photo as we drove by.  I can't get over the sharpness of the edges of these mountains.  It's almost like asking a small kid to draw their first mountains.

Hanalei Mountains
Twin Peaks, 2400-foot Hihimanu Ridge (Hihimanu means beautiful)

We reached Princeville, which was our main stop for supplies for our picnic lunch, the small town with less than 2000 people and named after Prince Albert Kamehameha, the son of Hawaii's King Kamehameha IV.  The complex had a Foodland, one of the branches of the popular local Hawaiian supermarket chain.  Even this supermarket was a cozy place, and they had great gourmet deli that serves a variety of the popular poke, salads and sushi's.  Small quaint clothes and craft shops line the complex as well, including a very homey post office.  Despite being a modern development for resorts, condominiums, golf courses, etc, Princeville has maintained the charm of Kauai.

Post office in Princeville Shopping Center
Mailboxes at the post office in Princeville

We had to option to go to a local place for lunch or have a picnic by the beach.  We rarely get to do this outdoor thing so we decided to get a table by the Anini Beach nearby.

A Brazilian Red Cardinal, found in many places in Hawaii
Anini Beach camping tents
Our stash from Foodland Deli! ;-)  I love the California Ahi Poke and Salmon Poke I got, have to learn to make them!
Our picnic table by the beach
Anini Beach is a long stretch of coasts popular for windsurfing and snorkeling in the coral reefs around the shores.  It is considered one of the most beautiful and offers great views.  You can see why below.

Beautiful Anini Beach with large trees which make perfect shades for campers and beach goers
Popular for romantic walks
Calm waters with offshore continuous reefs perfect for snorkeling

Karen also showed us how to find the tiny miniature reddish Kahelelani shells in this beach, they are used to make lei necklaces or other similar jewelry, see sample here as I wasn't able to take a photo of it, they are hard to find and sell for a ton
A rescue tube which is a flotation device, installed in many beaches in Hawaii

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