Monday, October 24, 2011

Highlight * Mesmerized by the music of Piotr Tomaszewski * Exquisite Europe * Florence, Italy (October 2011)

I was walking around taking photos at the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy, while waiting for my friend.

As the evening draws near, I found myself enjoying the sculptures inside the Loggia dei Lanzi, which I was not able to visit in detail the last time I was in Florence. I could not forget the statue of Perseus, which amazed my nephew during our previous trip. He couldn't believe his eyes as he realized he was standing there with the statue in front of him, which he would only read about in books :-)

Then suddenly, whilst lost in my thoughts, I heard beautiful classical music playing. I looked around and noticed this guy playing live with his guitar at open intersection just to the side of the Loggia dei Lanzi going towards the direction of the walkway outside the famous Uffizi Gallery.

His music "mesmerized" me! I sat along with a few other people to enjoy the music and the warm ambiance around. The mood was romantic, it was dreamy, it was inspiring, it was passionate, it was relaxing... it gave me goose bumps!

I would have sat there for hours if not for the rain that fell. I quickly went and got one of his CDs titled Los Colores de la Guitarra, which I still play from time to time, reminiscing that unforgettable moment.

I later learned that he is a Polish classical guitarist who have won several awards and travels around Europe and US to perform. He currently performs in the streets of Florence, usually near the Uffizi Gallery, where I saw him play.

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