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Wow Philippines! * Batan, Batanes Part 3 of 3 (April 2012)

This is part 3 of 3 featuring Batan Island, Batanes. Batan, Batanes Part 1 of 3 features Vayang rolling Hills, Chapidan Boulder Beach and Pension Ivatan for the Ivatan Platter. Batan, Batanes Part 2 of 3 features Diura Fishing Village, Mahatao Lighthouse, Marlboro Country (Racuh A Payaman) and Imnajbu in Alamad.

After lunch, we made a last stop at Chanarian Viewdeck where a steep staircase leads down the cliff to the rocky shore below.  This is also where the famous "Blow UR Horn" signs are.  It was said that the Ivatans already invented text speak even before mobile phones were invented, using "UR" instead of the world "your" :-)

The rest of the afternoon was free, so a couple of us rented a jeep and went to see the famous Fundacion Pacita, the most expensive lodging in Batanes, which is owned by the family of a famous artist.  The theme of the house was inspired by the family themselves.

At the main house

As we headed back, we made a short stop at a small stone chapel, Tukon Church, then finally sunset at the Naidi Lighthouse, which we missed the first day.

Tukon Church
Inside Tukon Church

Naidi Lighthouse

Window on top of the Lighthouse
The final section at the top which houses the light,
it's off limits to the public
To cap off the trip, a dinner at the rooftop of DDD was prepared and we all had a great time reflecting on the trip and sharing our photos.  It was quite nice to make new friends, fellow photography enthusiasts as well as the locals we met along the way.

Oh and before we left, we got to see how the famous Batanes coconut crab looks like alive :-)  This one is a baby one which belongs to one of the staff.
There's just something about Batanes that will always be in my mind and my heart! :-)

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