Sunday, December 30, 2012

Highlight * Tennis Balls for Dessert? * Amazing Asia * Hokkaido, Japan (December 2012)

Curious at the clear tube of yellow balls that looked like a can of tennis balls, I had to get one of these interesting Hokkaido desserts. I was on my way back home, and was at the Chitose Airport when I saw this in one of the refrigerated shelves.They had two different flavors available: one was white pudding and the other was cream custard with egg. Apparently, the company also produces a chocolate one but they didn't have it in that store. They offer a cooling bag if you wanted, but I figured I'll be eating it soon anyway.

But I got back home after about 8 hours, and I suddenly realized that I had this tube of cream custard in my bag. Oh no! I might end up with a melted lump of cream! But it was still in good shape, phew!

Now, how to eat it? There seemed to be some kind of balloon on each ball, sealed with a pink clip that can't easily be removed. No instructions apparently in the packaging either. Hmmm, what should I do? I asked Google, LOL! See the video link I found below.

And true enough, there's a special way to open it. I had to use a sharp needle or pin and pinch it slightly on the balloon. Pop the balloon and out emerges a bouncy ball of custard ;-)

As I took my first bite, the creaminess of the custard filled my mouth. The best thing I liked about it is that the creaminess didn't overpower the flavor and it remained light and not too sweet. I think the nearest thing I could compare the taste and texture to would be the Italian Pannacotta.

How To Video for Opening and Eating Bocca Pudding

Note:  This highlight also appears in AFAR Website

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