Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Photo Gallery * Amazing Asia * Our Unplanned Japan Food Adventure (June 2013)

Embarked on an "unplanned" food adventure in Japan with my friend as we just made random choices or follow our curiosity at a place with long queues!

I'm so amazed how we managed to squeeze in so many varieties of Japanese food that we just encountered along the way from sushi, sashima, tempura, ramen, curry, katsu, yakitori, yakiniku buffet, and even the Sumo chanku dining!

Of course, not to forget the varieties of unique flavors of soft ice cream! Haha!

And the original takoyaki and okonomiyaki of Osaka!

And still more cheesecake versions!

Lastly, just looking at all the food varieties in the department store food basements and fresh markets is already in itself an attraction!

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